Sylvia Montgomery

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With a career that spans Fortune 500/1000 clients,
technology startup dot coms, and as a
partner/owner of a national marketing and
branding firm, Sylvia is energized by figuring things
out, being resourceful, celebrating team successes,
and working with clients that are serious but don’t
take themselves too seriously.


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Sylvia S Montgomery, CPSM, is a fractional CMO with over 20 years of B2B marketing and professional services experience focused on management consulting, technology, and AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction). Sylvia’s passion lies in diving into a client’s target audiences, understanding their perceptions of that firm’s brand, identifying the gaps in perception between her client and their clients, and then using that knowledge to tease out the differentiators and messages that will connect both the most. Her specialties include marketing strategy, brand research, and business development to generate leads. She’s spent a decade studying, writing, and speaking about what makes buyers of professional services buy from a particular firm. She believes that “a client’s perception is their reality, not your reality.” The more a firm can understand where the blind spots are, the closer it can get to its buyer and maximize relevancy.

After earning her BA in Visual Communications from Trinity College, Sylvia went on to earn her MFA in Visual Communications from George Washington University and her MBA from the University of Maryland Global College. During the pandemic, she reconnected with her love of oil painting. When she is not working, she prefers to be anywhere there is an ocean. Fun fact, Sylvia designed the logo for the Fulbright Program and that logo was used in all of their communications worldwide from 1993 – 2019.

Sylvia loves to travel and the most stunning views were from the Temple of Poseidon, over the Mediterranean, in Greece. Sylvia advises her colleagues to always do more than the minimum, for their own growth, development, and passion. Behave for the next role you want. Fun fact, she loves to sleep and feels no guilt going to bed early!

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