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Debra is a sought-after strategic marketing
consultant, inbound marketing expert, author,
speaker, and thought leader.

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Debra Andrews is the President and Founder of Marketri, a strategic marketing consulting firm that specializes in serving middle market, growth-oriented B2B companies. With 25 years of marketing experience and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Maryland, Debra is a seasoned professional with a focus on B2B marketing for Professional Services firms.

B2B Marketing strategist, Fractional CMO, AI enthusiast

Prior to founding Marketri, Debra worked for top-tier professional services firms such as EY, PWC, and KPMG Corporate Finance, as well as a private equity firm. As a strategic marketing consultant, Debra has helped numerous companies with marketing strategy, positioning and messaging, marketing budget creation and oversight, and marketing analytics and reporting. Her consulting philosophy is to always deliver excellence and to communicate often with clients.

Debra is known for her strategic thinking, creativity, drive, focus, and compassion. Her biggest value to Marketri clients is her ability to provide strategic direction and her consulting experience in marketing and finance, as well as her understanding of marketing within the context of business.

Outside of work, Debra is passionate about animals, especially dogs, and is an advocate for rescues. She also practices yoga and is grateful for the many blessings in her life.

Debra has served on several boards, including the Bucks County SPCA, Bucks County Historical Society, The Workforce Investment Board of Bucks County, the Central Bucks Rotary Club, and the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce.

Her advice to colleagues just starting out is to focus on gaining experience and responsibility, be proactive in their roles, and always deliver their best work.

Debra Andrews is grateful for working for and alongside great people for the past 20 years at Marketri. Her desire to chart her own course professionally and be a more present and hands-on mother led her to start her own firm, achieving both goals.

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