Marketing Strategy Consultants

With Marketri as your partner, your marketing function is structured
strategically, armed with expert talent and the latest technologies.
Your marketing plan will be designed in sync with your growth goals,
guiding you seamlessly towards future success.



We’re your proven strategic marketing resource.

Marketri has the experience and know-how to take you through the three
most important steps of successful strategic marketing.

Strategic Marketing

We conduct thorough discovery, then develop a custom strategy and a comprehensive plan that combines modern marketing approaches, the right enabling technologies, and insightful staffing recommendations. By leveraging your strengths, we ensure you capitalize on your opportunities to drive more growth.

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Marketing Transformation

Marketri, a unique boutique consulting firm, excels in elevating underperforming marketing functions to world-class standards. Our core focus is on empowering marketing transformation clients with the right strategy, people, technologies, and best practices, driving competitive advantage and fostering success.

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Positioning and

Effective marketing starts with positioning that defines the value you can deliver and how it sets you apart from competitors, and messaging that makes your value clear and compelling to your ideal buyers. Our B2B marketing experts are adept at developing both.

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It Starts with Our Time-Tested Discovery & Assessment Process

Marketri’s experienced consultants use proprietary, proven methods and assessments to ensure our strategy and plan hit the mark and drive the results you expect. Examples could include:


We typically combine leadership team interviews with an electronic survey to assess how your organization views the marketing function.

Marketing Team

We interview your marketing team members and use industry-standard tools to assess their skillsets, readiness, and cultural fit.

Function Audit

We leverage our extensive B2B experience to assess your marketing infrastructure, brand, website, and other foundational elements.

Sales Team

Since sales and marketing must work hand-in-hand to succeed, we talk with your sales team to understand their go-to-market strategies and approaches.


Through dialogues with key customers, we glean insights on their challenges, pain points, and perceptions of your company.


We evaluate how you’re allocating your marketing spend and advise you on how to better align it with your goals and objectives.

Landscape Review

We examine your key competitors’ marketing and messaging, so we can recommend the best approach to help you stand out from the crowd.

Strategic SWOT

We evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and use those insights to shape your marketing strategy.

Meet Some of Our Most Experienced Strategists

Marketri’s deep bench of B2B experts includes Fractional CMOs and marketing strategists with the
experience, know-how, and passion to drive high-impact marketing programs.

Deb Andrews

Debra Andrews is the President and Founder of Marketri, a strategic marketing consulting firm that specializes in serving middle market, growth-oriented B2B companies. With 25 years of marketing experience and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Maryland, Debra is a seasoned professional with a focus on B2B marketing for Professional Services firms.

Jen Marino

With 20+ years of extensive brand marketing experience across several Fortune 100 companies, Jennifer Marino has been delivering strategic marketing and customer experience solutions as a Chief Marketing and Growth Officer across various industries, including financial services, SaaS, technology, biotech, medical and diagnostics, and professional services. She earned her B.S. in Marketing from Providence College and her MBA from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Trisha Gallagher

Trisha Gallagher is a marketing strategist and mentor with nearly 15 years of experience in planning and executing successful marketing programs. Having held various roles in marketing both in-house and agency-side, Trisha brings a unique perspective to her role as Vice President of Marketing at Marketri. In addition to her dedication to her clients, Trisha is passionate about mentoring young marketers and helping them achieve their goals.

Marketing Strategy That Powers Aggressive Goals

Partner with a strategic marketing powerhouse with over two decades
of experience helping B2B companies achieve their business goals. We
offer more than just strategies; we provide an intelligent approach to
marketing, driven to fuel growth and make a real, quantifiable impact
on your business. We blend the best of talent and technology to
create a world-class marketing function within your organization,
ensuring ensuring you stay ahead in the ever-evolving marketplace.
Your journey towards transformational marketing success
begins with Marketri.

The journey begins here.​


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Strategic Marketing.

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Our Clients Say It All


We are thrilled with the work that Marketri has done, and more importantly, the leads they have generated. From revamping our social strategies to building our website to producing media opportunities and brand videos, we’ve seen measurable results all around. We’re impressed with the team’s expertise, and we’ve really enjoyed working with them as well.


Gary Hutchinson

President, Modality Solutions


It’s been a seamless integration, where we feel like the Marketri team is another department in our organization, and it’s not at all like a vendor-customer relationship. We’re working toward a common goal, side by side.


James Street

CEO, Epoch Solutions Group


Marketri set the foundation for a sold marketing strategy and helped us implement useful marketing tech platforms. The team had effective communication through stand-up meetings that helped with goal alignment. Moreover, they were resourceful, adaptable, and integrated well with our team, while driving results.


Suzi Sosa

CEO & Founder, Verb Inc.


Marketri has become our trusted source for market research and outreach recommendations that are helping us accomplish our marketing goals,” says Holly Johnson, chief of staff. “We have better brand awareness, a stronger online presence, and the infrastructure to do proactive marketing, and we’re building a stronger pipeline.


Holly Johnson

Chief of Staff, Chesapeake Corporate Advisors