Resources for High Growth

Learn how other companies fuel revenue growth with a strategic marketing plan, predictable lead generation, effective branding, and an optimized marketing team structure.


Marketri Resources for High Growth

Learn how other companies fuel revenue growth with a strategic marketing plan, predictable lead generation, effective branding, and an optimized marketing team structure.

Life Sciences Case Study

Struggling to make moves with only a small presence on social media and a budding contact list, Modality wanted to revamp its marketing program. Discover how this life sciences engineering firm builds the right marketing foundations for targeted growth.

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Marketing Funnel

Manufacturing Case Study

Learn how Marketri helped a packaging company that was already an established leader in the coffee industry break into the spirits industry with a robust marketing program, resulting in a 285% increase in traffic and significant improvements in lead generation.

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Information on a laptop

Engineering Firm Case Study

Engineering firms often struggle to develop strategic marketing initiatives that have a measurable ROI. See how Marketri moved the marketing needle as this firm’s Fractional CMO.

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Financial Services Case Study

Learn how Marketri helped a young financial services firm exceed their marketing ROI by 260% and develop a strategic, multi-channel marketing program designed to drive quality leads and nurture them through the revenue funnel.

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Your Guide: Marketing in a Crisis

Guide to Crisis Marketing

Find practical tips on how to approach marketing in the wake of COVID-19—like whether outreach is OK, why the marketing function can’t disappear, and where to focus your efforts right now.

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Messaging, marketing plan, and strategic rebrand

Body Techniques Case Study

See how Marketri helped Body Techniques, a San Francisco-based provider of corporate stress management, guide their messaging, form a strategic marketing plan, and complete a strategic rebrand.

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What is a fractional CMO

What is a Fractional CMO (Part 2)

When thinking about the two CMO models – in-house CMO, or outsourced Fractional CMO and marketing consulting firm – there’s no right or wrong and no good or bad. It’s really what’s right for any particular organization.

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Marketri B2B Markings Q+A

B2B Marketing Q&A

In this B2B Marketing Q&A, Debra Andrews, President and Founder of Marketri, sits down to have a conversation with Director of Demand Generation at MediaPro and experienced marketing professional, Brian Hansford.

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How to Structure Your Marketing Department

How to Structure Your Marketing Department (Part 1)

Structuring a modern-day marketing department can come with a number of unique challenges and pain points. The first is understanding two types of marketers – strategic versus tactical – and determining which is best for where your organization is in its marketing journey.

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CEO's guide to modern marketing

CEO’S Guide to Modern Marketing

You’ve decided you’re ready to drive your business’s growth by embarking on a strategic marketing effort. But getting started can feel overwhelming. How do we decide what to do? What marketing approaches are best for our business? Who can make this all happen? How will we measure results?

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CEO guide to marketing terminology

Guide to Marketing Terminology

This guide explains many common marketing terms in language designed for non-marketers. We’ve organized the terms around key topics that CEOs and other senior leaders tell us are important when they’re embarking on strategic marketing.

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10 Tips for Building B2B Marketing Strategies

10 Tips for B2B Marketing

Want to attract new leads and grow your business? This free ebook will help you understand the key aspects of B2B marketing strategies and how they can improve your entire business.

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