We’re the outsourced B2B marketing experts
that drive predictable growth.

Founded in 2004, Marketri is the full-service, one-stop
marketing solution for B2B companies that want to stand out
from competitors, dominate in target markets, and accelerate
long-term growth.



We help growth-minded CEOs solve the marketing challenge

The complexities of today’s B2B buying journey make marketing incredibly challenging for even the most seasoned business professionals. Marketri takes the marketing burden off your executive team’s shoulders so they can focus on what they do best, while we do the same.
You’re looking to achieve predictable, profitable growth, but your marketing efforts appear outdated and ineffective. Maybe you’ve relied on a few rainmakers to generate new business, depended on in-person events to generate leads, or enjoyed a geographic or competitive advantage that no longer exists.

We combine the three key
ingredients proven to drive growth

Marketri was built around three marketing success factors that are critical to
helping high-growth companies achieve their goals. Our marketing
strategists and tactical experts leverage these advantages to move you
confidently toward your growth goals and deliver a high ROI on your
marketing spend.

Guided by Strategy

Your Marketri team is driven by a singular focus: Helping you achieve your business goals, through strategic marketing that becomes indispensable for accelerating your growth. We develop and execute strategic marketing plans that fully align with your business goals and priorities. That means we don’t waste time or budget on random acts of marketing that won’t deliver results. By building a long-term relationship with your team, we become the trusted strategic partner you rely on to drive new revenue and fuel growth, year after year.

Powered by Technology

Your Marketri team is highly skilled in the ever-evolving, leading-edge technologies and tools that make your marketing repeatable, sustainable, and predictable—and we’re keeping pace with generative AI and its growing role in marketing and analytics. We leverage technologies proven to power up your lead generation—driving the right buyers to your revenue funnel, nurturing them throughout their journey, and converting a higher percentage to customers. We also help you choose, implement, and optimize automation tools that speed and streamline your marketing execution for better results.

Fueled by Analytics

Your Marketri team understands the measures that matter most when it comes to driving sales qualified leads and opportunities—and we use advanced analytics and meaningful data to support our decisions about where and how to focus your marketing to improve those critical measures. We always seek to improve your results in the short and long term using data to test and optimize your marketing campaigns, drive better KPIs, and build a more robust pipeline.

Our outsourced marketing
model gives you
access to the exact skillsets
and resources you need to
generate strong business
results—without a big FTE


We apply the right resources at the right time, so you
can allocate more of your budget to marketing
execution and less to overhead. With Marketri as your
outsourced marketing partner, you’ll outperform the
competition without investing in a big in-house team.

A proven model that
differentiates your business
from competitors and drives
predictable revenue, while
optimizing your budget and
increasing your ROI


From our Fractional Chief Marketing Officers and
Fractional Chief Growth Officers to a full team of
marketing strategists and tactical experts, Marketri has
the talent and experience to become your full-service
outsourced marketing partner. Our model continues to
prove the best way to power-up your marketing,
optimize your budget, and achieve your growth goals.

Meet our Founder & President

Debra Andrews

Debra Andrews, fondly known as “Deb,” embarked on her marketing
path within mid-sized growth-focused organizations. In the early 2000s,
she recognized that effective marketing encompassed diverse specialties,
surpassing the capabilities of a lone professional. This realization led Deb
to establish Marketri in 2004. Marketri was born not just to solve this
challenge, but to elevate B2B businesses by reshaping their marketing approach.

Now, almost two decades later, Marketri’s impact speaks volumes. It has guided
countless Founders and CEOs toward achieving their growth objectives and seizing
victory in competitive markets. Marketri isn’t solely a business venture; it’s a
transformative journey led by Deb’s vision. Her story exemplifies rewriting the
norm, fostering success through innovation. Marketri stands tall as a testament to
reshaping marketing conventions, offering a strategic advantage to those daring
enough to embrace a new perspective on marketing structuring.


Our Clients Say It All


We are thrilled with the work that Marketri has done, and more importantly, the leads they have generated. From revamping our social strategies to building our website to producing media opportunities and brand videos, we’ve seen measurable results all around. We’re impressed with the team’s expertise, and we’ve really enjoyed working with them as well.


Gary Hutchinson

President, Modality Solutions


It’s been a seamless integration, where we feel like the Marketri team is another department in our organization, and it’s not at all like a vendor-customer relationship. We’re working toward a common goal, side by side.


James Street

CEO, Epoch Solutions Group


Marketri set the foundation for a sold marketing strategy and helped us implement useful marketing tech platforms. The team had effective communication through stand-up meetings that helped with goal alignment. Moreover, they were resourceful, adaptable, and integrated well with our team, while driving results.


Suzi Sosa

CEO & Founder, Verb Inc.


Marketri has become our trusted source for market research and outreach recommendations that are helping us accomplish our marketing goals,” says Holly Johnson, chief of staff. “We have better brand awareness, a stronger online presence, and the infrastructure to do proactive marketing, and we’re building a stronger pipeline.


Holly Johnson

Chief of Staff, Chesapeake Corporate Advisors

Jason Jones

B.F. Saul Insurance has worked with Deb Andrews, Katie Bergmann and the Marketri team for the last few years. Their expertise ranges from website/SEO, branding, ad campaigns, and events. I would highly recommend them – smart team with amazing ideas, proactive advice centered around the ROI, great listening skills, accountable, and a willingness to think outside of the box. Consummate professionals.


Jason Jones

President, B.F. Saul Insurance

Vince De Leon

Scrubbed has worked with Deb Andrews, Trisha Gallagher, and the rest of the Marketri team for the past 3 years now. It won’t take much to research and compare what our brand looked like before Marketri, and how it looks like now. Spoiler Alert – a huge difference in look and feel. Marketri witnessed Scrubbed’s growth these past few years and it has been a fantastic experience working with them. I strongly recommend talking to Deb Andrews about your growth needs.


Vince De Leon

Chief Technologist, Scrubbed

Dejah Knox

We’ve worked closely with the CEO, Deb Andrews, as well as a member of her very knowledgeable team. The company I previously worked for hired on Marketri as a fractional CMO to design and implement an effective marketing program to boost brand awareness and bring in new clients. Not only that, they acted as mentors to me (Marketing Coordinator at the time) and it was the best experience for my professional career. I would recommend them for any company open to starting or transforming their marketing program!


Dejah Knox

Marketing Manager, B.F. Saul Insurance

UC Alternative

Marketri’s due diligence, insight, and strategies have been a beacon for us to showcase our services. Their redesign of our website and modifications to our CRM were handled with tenacity and a forward-thinking structure—both are great examples of their commitment to clients and strategies that bolster the client’s goals. All of this has made them a valued extension of UC Alternative.


UC Alternative

Put our B2B strategic marketing expertise
to work for you.

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