Our approach is profit-center marketing.

Marketri is a strategic marketing company with a time-tested, proven approach that transforms scattershot marketing into a results-driven core business function. Most marketing departments are overhead. We make make them a profit center.

Here's what profit-center marketing means to us.

Profit-center marketing is the discipline of running the marketing function to directly support growth goals.  It’s about building a strong brand that supports the optimal strategy, harnessing modern technologies, hyper-focusing on analytics and insights, and adhering to efficient and effective processes. Ultimately, this drives leads into the revenue funnel that convert into opportunities at an increasingly rapid pace. 

Move from cost center to profit center.

Strategy + Brand + Technology

A solid foundation for marketing growth.


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Brand Development
  • Website Updates
  • Marketing Technologies
  • Content Strategies

Marketing Execution + KPI Measurement

New subscribers, new leads, increased opportunities.

  • Content creation and distribution (email, social, paid, ABM)
  • Public relations
  • Sales collateral
  • Virtual and live events
  • Reporting

Funnel Metrics + Analytics + Insights

High volume of opportunities and closed deals for top-line revenue.
  • Analytics and insights
  • Workflow development
  • SEM & campaign optimization
  • Aggressive execution on proven tactical programs
  • Optimize sales collateral

What business leaders want to know:

Why make marketing a profit center?

Business leaders are frustrated by scattershot, underperforming marketing activities. They see expenditures but fail to see a return year over year. Marketing does work, and there is a better way. It’s called profit-center marketing. A fractional CMO or fractional CGO is tasked with developing the profit-center roadmap. The marketing department becomes responsible for sourcing and nurturing qualified leads. There is a clear ROI from marketing efforts, and it increases year over year.

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What does a profit-centered marketing department look like?

A department that embraces profit-center marketing is run strategically and efficiently. A strategic marketing plan combines technology and best practices with analysis of the marketing program to gain key insights and make adjustments. The marketing team consists of A+ players that feel a high level of satisfaction from driving results as opposed to simply completing activities.

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Who benefits from profit-center marketing?

Transforming marketing into a profit center can benefit any organization. It’s critically important to high growth businesses, including those that are backed by private equity, because it enables them to scale and drive a high ROI, faster. Companies in competitive and/or commoditized industries also benefit from embracing profit-center marketing because it can be the secret sauce that results in a competitive advantage. 

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How do I know if I need profit-center marketing?

If your marketing program feels a little bit like playing the lottery, you might be in need of a profit-center marketing approach.

Scattershot marketing can feel a lot like throwing darts at the wall and seeing which campaigns stick. You might be experiencing brand confusion, pouring your resources into a single campaign, and making fear-based decisions.

If you want to start building proactive, strategic marketing programs, profit-center marketing is for you.

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How do I turn my marketing function into a profit center?

Identifying the right leadership is critical. These are some other things to keep in mind:

1. Treat the beginning of the journey like a capital expenditure that will appreciate over time. The budget will be high in the first year as you lay a solid foundation.

2. Be prepared to invest in modern marketing technologies for automation and exceptional data.

3. Prepare your company for the change. Sales, customer support, operations, and finance should understand the journey and transformation to come.

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How does profit-center marketing work?

Marketri draws a strategic roadmap to transform your marketing into a profit center. Our marketing plan recommends short- and long-term growth activities tied to KPIs to take the guesswork out of marketing.

Marketri understands exactly when to deploy technologies to maximize your investment and turbocharge your marketing, bringing scale and razor-sharp measurement.

Marketri connects the marketing and sales functions, bringing process alignment and best practices to your strategy, technology, and talent. We offer clear direction, optimize inefficiencies, prevent costly errors, and focus on measurable results.

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Marketing information on tablet

See the results of profit-center marketing.

In just two months, Marketri was able to yield significant results for a manufacturing company:

  • 21 leads from PPC
  • 5 new leads from Organic
  • 9 new leads from ABM
  • 26 product brochure downloads
  • 25 requests for product sample

The branding deliverables exceeded expectations and are an accurate depiction of the partner’s business. What’s more, it was well-received by stakeholders and members. The Marketri team consistently met deadlines and effectively communicated. Overdelivery and reliability are hallmarks of their work.

Bob Solarz

Executive Director, Delaware Valley Trusts

The company has seen significant growth in the number of leads they generate. They’ve acquired over 500 new leads in the past 12 months, thanks to Marketri’s help. The team has also been instrumental in helping the business understand the value of digital marketing efforts for the firm’s success.

Terry Baker

VP of Sales and Marketing, Fresc-co System USA

The team delivered a thorough strategy to refine marketing activities and optimize resource expenditures. Marketri dedicates competent resources that effectively support internal teams. By knowing the company and leveraging networks, the team is able to provide insightful suggestions and services.


Sabine Hoover

Director of Marketing Strategy & Insights, FMI

The client's efforts yielded over $5 million of opportunities annually for the company, meeting their goals and expectations. Marketri challenged the company and, through aggressive objectives, worked with cohesion with the rest of the teams.


Ron Stupl

SVP & COO, Due Diligence Firm

What's the best way to put profit-center marketing into practice? See how we transform marketing functions with our outsourced marketing services.

B2B Marketing Resources

For CEOs, marketers, and sales professionals alike, the experts at Marketri have created the ultimate resource center for B2B businesses. Guides, case studies, tip sheets, downloadables, and more. Marketri’s B2B Marketing Resource Center provides guidance for those ready to embark and execute on a strategic marketing plan. 

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