Trisha Gallagher

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Trisha empowers B2B companies to achieve
predictable, profitable growth through data-driven
marketing programs and guides her clients from
brand strategy development to the execution of
high-impact campaigns.

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Trisha Gallagher is a marketing strategist and mentor with nearly 15 years of experience in planning and executing successful marketing programs. Having held various roles in marketing both in-house and agency-side, Trisha brings a unique perspective to her role as Vice President of Marketing at Marketri. In addition to her dedication to her clients, Trisha is passionate about mentoring young marketers and helping them achieve their goals.

Trisha’s industry and client portfolio is diverse, spanning multiple sectors and allowing her to navigate unique challenges and capitalize on industry-specific opportunities. She has driven growth for companies in a variety of areas including financial services, technology, SaaS, security consulting, professional service firms, medical research, manufacturing, and investment banking.

Based in the Kansas City, MO area, Trisha obtained her Bachelor of Arts in English from Lindenwood University and a Masters of Science in Marketing & Communication from Franklin University. As an active member of the CMO Alliance and a participant in the CMO Accelerator Program, Trisha continues to hone her skills and stay abreast of the latest industry trends.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Trisha dedicates her time to her church’s Children’s Ministry, delving into the fascinating realm of true crime podcasts, and engaging with a diverse collection of captivating novels.

Trisha’s advice for newcomers centers on fostering relationships with fellow professionals, seeking insights from a wide array of backgrounds, and nurturing curiosity by asking questions at every turn.

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