I Have Been at Marketri a Year Now: Here’s What I’ve Learned

by Trisha Gallagher | November 1, 2022

It wasn’t that long ago that I was a college senior working as an intern at Charles Schwab. Like many people starting out, I was seeking an opportunity to apply what I had learned in college to a career I loved.  

At the time, I was studying International Business and Marketing at the University of Denver. My nine-week internship was in the operations department, which appealed to me in some ways – just not my creative side. Even so, I accepted a full-time job position in operations with Schwab when I graduated in 2019, and eventually I transferred into the marketing department. There I found my niche.  

I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to help give the Charles Schwab brand a voice and a life, and to be involved in the creative process. But, because Schwab was such a large corporation, everything our team did was highly regulated – which I felt got in the way of the final product. So, I began to look for a new place to work, somewhere I could pursue my passion for all things marketing with a bit more flexibility and creative freedom. 

Meeting Deb 

My first impression of Marketri was that it looked like fun. I liked that the company operated through a fully remote workforce as I had plans to return to Argentina, which is my home. Plus, I love to travel. But what really got my attention was the interview process – Marketri was asking applicants to submit a personal video. 

I thought that was ingenious. What better way to let your personality shine, express your creativity, and present your resume all at the same time? And I was thrilled when I was selected for an interview.  

From there the process involved Zoom interviews with several members of the team and ultimately with Founder and President Deb Andrews. While my qualifications for the job were discussed at length, it seemed that what Deb wanted to know the most was who I was. I had included a few details about my hobbies and interests in my resume – including a note at the bottom that alluded to my passion for traveling: 28 countries and counting! 

She wanted to know how I had visited all those places and what these trips were like. I have, in fact, traveled to many interesting places around the world, and am always excited to hop on a plane and experience something new. We began joking about the idea of holding a company retreat in Iceland (a favorite trip of mine). 

At the time, I had gained several months of digital marketing experience at Schwab, but certainly would not call myself an expert. Deb and her team took a chance on me growing into the role – and, wow, have I. I knew the environment would be fast paced and that I would learn a lot, but I wanted that challenge. And the experience I have gained this past year has far exceeded my expectations. 

A Place to Learn, Advance  

From Day 1 at Marketri, I was immersed in all aspects of digital marketing. I took on production work, helped with business development, began designing and copywriting assets for Marketri, and for our clients. I created social posts and built landing pages. I developed email campaigns and designed case studies and guides. I got involved in content marketing.  

Today, I work for eight different Marketri clients, and I appreciate that no two days are alike. My favorite projects involve design work. I have learned to use Canva and WordPress, and recently helped Marketri develop a new website. While this seemed like a big leap for me at first, I tackled the challenge head-on. And through the process of building out the site, I advanced my skills in many areas.  

This project was a great example of how Marketri lets employees explore new creative disciplines, build their skills, and take projects and run with them. This is a company that cares about our career paths and fulfillment. 

A Collaborative, Connected Culture 

Even though our team is spread out geographically, Marketri fosters a very collaborative environment, whereby we help each other learn and grow. We maintain close working relationships, and we get together socially, too, including for company retreats.  

“So, what does it take to succeed at Marketri?” you may ask. First, you need to be a proactive problem solver because that is what we do. Yes, we work in the fields of strategy, writing, design, and production – and are in the business of producing assets that help our clients drive revenues and build brands. At the end of the day, though, we are here to make the right things happen for our clients – on time and on budget.  

These are shared objectives that our team manages well. Even though I sometimes find myself juggling and reprioritize projects as client needs shift, I always know I can count on my colleagues to help get the job done and lift me up in the process.  

Best of all, I can be myself here because I am surrounded by friends. And that is what makes it such a pleasure to come to work.

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