Warning! You Might Have B2B Strategic Marketosis! 20 Symptoms that Should Send You to a Marketing Specialist

by Debra Andrews | February 2, 2016

Is your B2B company experiencing an acute lead generation deficiency? Are your employees falling off in chunks because your growth strategy is weak and pale or nonexistent?  Does your overhead look swollen causing a dehydrated bottom line?  Don’t ignore these symptoms any longer!  B2B Strategic Marketosis is not a diagnosis any company wants to receive.  The good news?  There’s a cure!  Understand the symptoms and seek treatment early to transform your company from one that just survives to one that thrives!

Are you experiencing any of these B2B Strategic Marketosis symptoms?

  • Your unique value proposition relies on the tired old warhorse, “quality customer service”
  • The non-specific, “old school” words “leading” or “leader” are used in your company message
  • Less than 50% of your professionals use LinkedIn proactively to build your firm’s reach among target customers
  • You paid more than $30,000 for your website and that price didn’t even include copywriting
  • Fresh content seems like a pipe dream
  • You’re envious of competitors’ news coverage
  • Marketing to you is synonymous with direct mail postcards
  • A cold calling service is in your list of vendors
  • Your marketing talent’s tenure is never greater than two years
  • Your executives don’t understand the difference between marketing and sales
  • Your executives don’t understand the difference between marketing and administrative tasks
  • Your marketing department consists solely of a mid-level or junior-level professional
  • New client growth is anemic
  • A six figure marketing budget yields no measurable results such as lead generation or increased revenues
  • Google hates your website because it doesn’t offer an engaging user experience
  • You believe the magic of social media marketing is a one-way push of third party content
  • You’ve never heard of Inbound Marketing
  • More than 20% of your budget is spent on advertising and sponsorships
  • Trade show leads remain rubber banded and in the desk drawer
  • Marketing automation tools, like HubSpot, are used just for email blasts

Don’t panic if you’re experiencing these symptoms!  You can beat B2B Strategic Marketosis!

The recommended three step treatment plan:

Step One:  Take comfort in the fact that your B2B company is not alone.  A large majority of middle market B2B companies do not have strategic marketing plans — or even a marketing department for that matter.  And this is the place where competition is fierce!  The battle for market share here can really wear companies down, even those that have been around a half-century or more. 

Step Two:  Build up your immunity by hiring a fractional CMO or strategic marketing consultant who has a proven track record.  This marketing specialist can assist your B2B company in developing a treatment plan, including positioning and messaging, target market selection, goal setting, and marketing planning. 

Step Three: Take a realistic, phased approach toward the implementation of your B2B company’s treatment plan and chart its progress against goals.  Caution!  Don’t exert all your energy up front, expecting instant results.  Marketing doesn’t work that way.  Instead, be patient…  Company growth requires consistent strategic marketing “big picture” observations and periodic, more detailed examinations.

Is your company ready for better health?  Kick B2B Strategic Marketosis to the curb. The cure is within your reach!

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