[VIDEO] What is a Fractional CMO? Part 2: The Marketing Consulting Firm Model

Everyone at Marketri has something different to bring to the table, and our clients get the benefit of that collaboration, marketing knowledge, and mind share. When thinking about the two CMO models – in-house CMO, or outsourced Fractional CMO and marketing consulting firm – there’s no right or wrong and no good or bad. It’s really what’s right for any particular organization.

How Marketing Consulting Firms Can Fuel High-Growth Companies 

For high-growth companies, we tend to think that the type of model used by marketing consulting firms is more effective. In Year One of your marketing, you need to focus on building your marketing infrastructure. In Year Two, you’re really pushing the pedal for demand generation and lead generation. In Year Three, you’re starting to work towards optimizing analytics and measurement. All of these different phases of marketing require different expertise and perspectives.

No one person has all the answers. That’s why embracing the fractional CMO and marketing consulting firm combination in a high-growth scenario is a good option. You can really leverage different perspectives and skill sets, specific to what you need to drive toward your growth objectives at any moment in time.

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