The CMO Show: The Impact of ChatGPT & Generative AI on Modern Marketing

by Debra Andrews | November 28, 2023

Episode #5: The Impact of ChatGPT & Generative AI on Modern Marketing

The realms of marketing, technology, and innovation are closely linked. And over the past year the landscape has seen a significant shift. Namely, the advent of generative AI and tools like ChatGPT. In the newest episode of The CMO Show, we discuss these tools, how they’re built, and the impact they’ve already had on business. Continue reading for a high-level overview of some of the topics we discuss.

Generative AI Unveiled

Generative AI, the force behind Chat GPT, is not merely a buzzword; it’s a technology that has rapidly evolved. Unlike traditional AI, Generative AI leverages machine learning to create new data based on a vast training set. The excitement around this technology stems from its ability to generate content, analyze data, and even mimic customer service interactions.

The Expanding Horizon

There is exponential growth in the generative AI industry. By 2032, the industry is expected to reach a staggering $120 billion value. What’s remarkable is the democratization of AI usage. A decade ago, only programmers could harness its power. Today, it’s accessible to laymen, making it a transformative force across various industries.

The Bill Gates Perspective

Bill Gates aptly compared the impact of generative AI to historical technological milestones like the microprocessor, personal computer, internet, and mobile phone. Its influence extends beyond business and marketing, reshaping the way people work, learn, travel, access healthcare, and communicate.

The Rise of Large Language Models

Large Language Models (LLMs) are at the heart of generative AI. These models, exemplified by Meta and OpenAI’s Chat GPT, can swiftly ingest and process vast amounts of data, predicting answers and finding insights at a pace that outstrips human capabilities.

Implications for Marketing

Generative AI’s impact on marketing is profound. Beyond data analytics, it excels in content generation, allowing marketers to produce blog posts and white papers efficiently. While it won’t replace human creativity, it can enhance and polish content, opening new possibilities for creative expression.

Caution in Creation

While the opportunities are vast, there are also potential pitfalls. Generative AI, if not used judiciously, can lead to issues such as trademark violations and the generation of inaccurate information. For graphic design, you risk potential copyright infringement. Additionally, the information you feed into an AI tool is not secure. So, it’s imperative that you not upload confidential or sensitive information. Ultimately, AI will best serve your goals when you inject a human touch into the process to maintain authenticity, accuracy, and security.

Customer Experience and Interaction

Another fascinating use case is generative AI’s ability to mimic customer service interactions. While it shouldn’t replace human interaction entirely, it can significantly streamline customer interactions, providing quick responses to frequently asked questions and enhancing overall efficiency.

Campaign Testing Revolutionized

Marketers can now optimize campaigns more effectively with generative AI. By inputting various elements and ideas, the tool can predict which ad will perform best, revolutionizing the traditional ad testing process and offering a more streamlined approach.

Graphics and Beyond

Graphic capabilities of generative AI are also a potential opportunity, with tools like Dolly and Firefly proving invaluable in creating custom graphics and making quick edits. While not a replacement for skilled graphic designers, these tools democratize graphic design for those with specific needs.

The realm of generative AI is exciting. Embracing the potential of generative AI opens doors to innovation, efficiency, and a new era of marketing possibilities. Want to explore the opportunities of AI with a marketing partner? Schedule a call today with CEO Debra Andrews to discuss how Marketri can help you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to your unique business objectives.

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