From Insight to Impact: 2023 in Review & the Marketing Topics That Resonated

by Debra Andrews | December 11, 2023

As we bid farewell to another transformative year, I’m delighted to pause and take a moment to reflect on the journey we’ve shared in 2023. So, let’s revisit some of Marketri’s most popular blogs that have stirred conversation, sparked inspiration, and championed marketing excellence throughout the past year.

We’ve explored a range of compelling topics, from the nuanced discussion of in-house versus outsourced marketing to finding surprising parallels between the world of B2B marketing and the adrenaline-filled Tour de France. It’s been a year marked by exploration, continuous learning, and a shared commitment to nurturing growth.

The Marketing Revolution: A Glimpse into Marketri’s 19-Year Odyssey

Marketri began its journey as a pioneer in outsourced marketing services for middle-market companies in 2004. As we celebrated our 19th anniversary this year, I reflected on the profound changes in B2B marketing over that time, along with some more enduring principles. The blog highlights the seismic shift to digital marketing, the rise of social media, the vital importance of personalization, the advent of mobile marketing, and the transformative impact of data-driven decision-making. The piece also underscores the significance of privacy and compliance in an era of stringent regulations. Marketri’s evolution has mirrored the broader marketing industry as we embraced video marketing, AI, and automation technologies, recognizing their potential to revolutionize content creation.

Despite all the changes, timeless principles such as understanding the target audience, creating compelling value propositions, building brand awareness, and fostering relationships remain unwavering. The key to success, as always, is to continue adapting, innovating, and staying true to the timeless principles that make marketing an essential function of any business. → Read More

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Racing Towards Success: B2B Marketing and the Tour de France

Strap on your helmets and tighten those marketing belts for this post, where we explored the unexpected parallels between the Tour de France and the dynamic world of B2B marketing. Just like the Tour de France, B2B marketing is a journey, not a sprint, and in this thrilling journey, we discover that the challenging and endurance-testing nature of the Tour de France mirrors the relentless, data-driven efforts of B2B marketers. The same power of teamwork and cool-headed leadership seen in the cycling world enables B2B marketers to thrive.

In many organizations, the CMO or Fractional CMO charts the strategic course, while digital marketers harness technology to amplify campaigns and monitor progress, ensuring the company’s trajectory aligns with its aspirations. Much like cyclists adapting to varied terrains, marketers exhibit flexibility and agility, navigating through the ever-changing landscape of macro-economic factors. As Tour de France teams optimize equipment, B2B marketers harness cutting-edge tools to refine strategies, emphasizing that every detail matters on the journey to triumph and there is no substitute for ethical, long-term strategies.

Celebrating each mini-victory along the way, B2B marketers, like cyclists, understand that there are no shortcuts to greatness, and success demands unwavering dedication and adherence to ethical principles. So, gear up and keep pedaling towards greatness! → Keep Reading

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The CMO Show: The Key Elements of a Successful Go-to-Market Strategy

In the inaugural episode of our video series,  The CMO Show, Jen Marino and I examined the key elements of an effective go-to-market strategy. The main issue is developing clarity about goals to develop a strategic marketing plan to help organizations compete more effectively in the marketplace. We wanted to address common questions about marketing strategy, planning, and staffing, and we started by looking at the critical components, including assessing market and competitor dynamics, to understand the realistic size and sector of the market your business can capture.  From there, it’s easier to develop effective buyer personas and craft a clear value proposition with underlying targeting strategies that ensure effective penetration of current and future markets.

Understanding those people and providing consistent messaging— rooted firmly in internal alignment around goals—contributes to building a strong brand. Meticulous measurement throughout the buyer journey helps keep those efforts on track. Our conclusion, in a nutshell, is that successfully executing a strategic marketing plan requires time, discipline, and a data-driven approach—but that making those efforts is key to your successful go-to-market strategy. → Learn More

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Beyond the Music: How Taylor Swift Redefines Marketing Excellence

In this post, I took a look at the amazing Taylor Swift. While her name may not spring to mind when you think about top marketers, in my opinion, Swift is an unexpected marketing genius. Through her work, she challenges conventional notions of who qualifies as a top-tier marketer and redefines what we consider marketing excellence. Despite not being a marketing professional, Swift has built an iconic brand, and her mastery of social media, storytelling, and audience engagement has elevated that brand beyond music.

Her exceptional understanding of her fans, the Swifties, is the key to personal engagement. The songs give us the “what” but Swift allows her fans a glimpse into her life to understand the “why”. The adoration of her fans is clearly reciprocated with an authentic commitment, exemplified by Swift taking time to make personal connections, liking TikTok videos, and even intervening to protect a fan during a security incident at a concert. Like other exceptional marketers, Swift understands what transforms commodity products and services into memorable offerings and turns customers into evangelists.

Her multifaceted approach underscores the importance of authenticity, emotional connection, and adaptability in achieving marketing excellence. Her ability to infuse her music with a highly personal touch and maintain a consistent, high-quality output throughout her career is a testament to her innate marketing prowess.  By analyzing Swift’s journey, we marketers can glean valuable insights for our own campaigns and learn to create lasting impact in a dynamic digital landscape. → Continue Reading

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Another Take on the In-House vs. Outsourced Marketing Decision

In this post, my colleague Jen Marino and I explore the in-house versus outsourced marketing decision. Drawing on our experience as Fractional CMOs, we know that balancing budget considerations with the need for expertise is the most significant challenge. Building an in-house team with the right mix of skills and experience is challenging, making outsourcing a viable option.

We challenge the notion that campaign priorities should solely drive the in-house versus outsourced decision, advocating instead for a longer-term view aligned with overall marketing strategy and go-to-market plans. And while it’s often thought that in-house expertise is strategic while outsourced teams are tactical, we assert that every situation is unique and that outsourcing can be just as strategic, particularly with a Fractional CMO.

Expanding on the topic, we discuss how the need for internal staffing in business development needs to align with the importance of accountability for revenue. We propose introducing a Fractional Chief Growth Officer (CGO) who can effectively align internal groups and drive growth. Ultimately, both in-house and outsourced teams can be held accountable for maximizing ROI, provided they have the right talent, technologies, and processes in place. → Read More

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We’re excited to hear your thoughts as we conclude the year with a look back at our top blogs from 2023. Looking ahead to 2024, we want to tailor our insights to meet your specific interests and address the marketing issues that matter most to you. Is there a particular trend, strategy, or industry-specific insight you’re eager to explore? Please share your thoughts and let us know what you want to learn more about in 2024 here.  

Here’s to a future of shared knowledge and continued growth!

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