50 Tips for B2B Marketing Success

by Debra Andrews | November 23, 2020

If our extensive experience with B2B marketing tells us anything, it’s that there’s really no shortcut to marketing success. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t small steps you can take to improve your strategic marketing function in order to drive better business results.

In our latest guide, Tips for B2B Marketing Success, you’ll find 50 tips curated specifically for B2B business leaders culled from our experience helping companies create and execute strategic marketing plans. These tips are organized into categories for easy access so you can pinpoint your growth area and start optimizing your marketing performance from there.

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Strategic Marketing Planning

Developing a strategic marketing plan (SMP) is a critical first step to your marketing journey. SMPs outline messaging, buyer personas and target audiences, and how each element of your strategy fits into more tactical initiatives. Our tips will set you up for planning success. 

Brand Awareness 

Does your audience know who you are? Do you stand out from the competition? Our tips outline ways to build awareness around your brand and service offerings. 

Website Optimization 

While you might have a physical headquarters, in the age of digital your website is the central hub of your marketing plan and function. At the end of the day, your website should be working for you: generating leads, educating prospective customers, and showcasing your brand. 

Inbound Marketing

A strategy for helping marketing leads come to you, instead of the other way around. Inbound marketing activities like blogs, social media, and paid search is a must for your B2B strategy. 

Marketing ROI 

Not getting what you want out of your marketing activities? Improving ROI starts with investing time in marketing assets you can put to work over and over again. How do you start creating marketing leverage? With our tip sheet, of course. 


As part of your Inbound Strategy, blogging is a useful vehicle for sharing expertise, showcasing your brand story, educating customers, and drawing leads into your revenue funnel. Don’t just write to write…review our tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your blog. 

Niche Marketing 

For a targeted approach to marketing, you must have a strategic focus. Niche marketing plans aren’t the same as Strategic Marketing Plans. These tips help you identify the difference and develop a Niche Marketing Strategy that supports your bottom line. 

Content Marketing

B2B industries demand high-quality and relevant content. Where do you start developing content and what type of content should you focus on? Read our Tips Guide to learn more about how you can create a content inventory that aligns with your company goals. 

Marketing Analytics 

What good is your strategic marketing plan if you can’t attribute your achievements to your efforts? Analytics helps you identify what’s working and optimize your resource distribution so you’re spending time and money in the right places. Our tips help you get started with analytics. 


Thought networking was just for the sales team? Think again. While in-person networking might be on hold, virtual networking is a viable way to help your team maximize their connections. These tips can help you make the most of any business gathering (virtual or not). 

If you’re interested in quick tips to help get you started on your B2B marketing journey, this is the guide for you. If you’re looking for more, start by scheduling a meeting with our CEO to talk about how Marketri can help you create a profit-centered marketing strategy. 

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