3 Key Indicators That It’s Time to Outsource Marketing

by Debra Andrews | November 19, 2019

There are plenty of resources out there explaining the benefits of and reasons to outsource marketing but how do you when to outsource marketing? With the speed of today’s digital market climate, high-growth companies wait too long and often forgo potential sales, but if you act when you see these 3 key indicators, you can help maximize your growth potential.

1. Quality of Work Feels Stale

Good Enough. It’ll work. These are the types of sighs you hear when creativity is stifled, and products look and feel the same time and time again. Limited resources, be it Technology or Talent, can add to this feeling as well. When you find your company in such a space, willingness to commit to using outsourced marketing talent will bring fresh content and awareness to your business—if there is a clear direction and tasks formed for an outsourced specialist.

Outsourced marketing can bring expert talent with diverse viewpoints. If you have a strategic marketing plan, it can also help you execute tactics until the organization is ready to support more full-time talent. Realizing you’re at a critical point of growth and calling on support will allow your organization to maximize effort and optimize growth.

2. Marketing Output Not Keeping Up with Competition

The speed at which the digital marketing environment changes is increasing as consumers have higher expectations of timeliness and relevance. Even if your team is making quality content that genuinely reflects the business and its services, you might have trouble keeping pace with the competition.

In the type of environment that’s already producing quality collateral, outsourced marketing could thrive because there is preset context and feedback loops.

Considering Fractional CMO Services would be worthwhile prior to ramping up pace. A Fractional CMO will allow your company to get an outside perspective on your current business and market, without creating fixed-cost and bandwidth issues among the organization. This allows the full-time marketing team to be more productive and less stressed, resulting in more commitment to your organization and a clearer picture of their work and its future impact.

As an added benefit, leveraging outsourced marketers for new marketing collateral not only brings attention from new audiences, it can also reengage your current clientele.

3. You’re Unable to Drive Marketing Growth with Your Current Processes and Talent

We define Growth Marketing as a combo of four pillars: Strategy, Technology, Talent, and Processes.

In this piece, we’re talking Talent. But there is a matter of matching Talent to the rest… which is Strategy.

That’s more understandable through examples. So for example, let’s assume you have a small, busy, in-house team that is booked solid, and:

You’ve determined that some of their work could be automated (e.g., emails or social media), so you want to implement a platform like Pardot. It’s unlikely this is a full-time, full-year resource need, so an outsourced Pardot specialist would make sense here.

The website is out of date and needs an overhaul. In-house teams don’t typically see many website launches over their tenure at a company. Knowing that, you might want specialists to drive that strategy, design, and build. Then you can expand the knowledge base and range of skillsets, and still cross-check everything against the depth of in-house understanding of the business.

You can’t figure out what to do with the team, you don’t really know whether they’re using their time effectively, or you can’t figure out how to free up time. In that case, outsourcing senior strategic leadership can give you a third-party perspective and help focus energy toward longer-term objectives.

You’ve proven out marketing lead generation, but now need to better interface with the sales department. Outsourcing a senior growth executive would help create structure and skip avoidable mistakes.

Keeping up the pace with current marketing trends is necessary for organizations to expand their reach and optimize their sales performance. Ultimately, calling in support from outsourced marketing will allow high growth companies to achieve better quality results faster with more commitment (and less stress) on your employees.

Ready to Start?

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