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At Marketri, we are dedicated to providing the most effective and innovative experiences. This is why we have partnered with Glisser as our trusted meetings and events platform. 

Glisser: The Trusted Meetings & Events Platform

We use Glisser to power high-participation meeting and event experiences for our clients, face-to-face, online, and in-between.

The world of work and events has changed forever – it’s time to change the way you engage your attendees with events powered by Glisser.

Glisser's Key Benefits

Attendee Connections

Enable your attendees to participate anonymously, or share their name with other audience members, create a profile, and begin making new contacts. Track every connection your meeting facilitates.

Using Glisser Elements you can restrict access to attendee lists even further, enabling just VIP attendees or premium sponsors to view and connect with audience members. Drive other activities between new connections, including 121 video calls.

Hybrid / Mobile Enabled

Mobile and hybrid-ready since day one, your in-room delegates participate through exactly the same platform as your virtual delegates, for a consistent experience and no ‘second class’ attendees.

We do not use native (iOS or Android) apps as these are too slow for in-room live audience engagement, preferring web apps (which don’t need to be downloaded). However, we integrate easily into all the major native event apps.

Quizzes, Tests & Leaderboards

Whether used for serious testing or fun quizzes, our platform handles both. Create a series of questions, assign correct answers and off you go, with rolling leaderboards to keep your audience in the picture.

We’ve worked with CPE / CPD providers to develop features specifically designed to ensure the validity of the answers you collect. Plus you get the simplicity of those results going into a single database from thousands of separate sessions.


The Five Step Journey to Profit Center Marketing

June 22, 2022 | 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT
Join us for a free one-hour webinar, hosted by Marketri and powered by Glisser. Marketri Founder and B2B marketing leader, Deb Andrews, will lead a discussion on profit center marketing and how to transform your traditional “cost center” marketing department into a “profit center.”


Hybrid Event Template

Got a hybrid event coming up or thinking about planning one, but don’t know where to start?

Whichever stage you are at on your hybrid journey, this Run Of Show Template is a real life, tried and tested example that you can put into action to make your hybrid event a huge success. 

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B2B Marketer + Meetings & Events = Exponential Potential

Designed specifically to empower you to develop a high-performance meetings and events strategy that capitalizes on both in-person and digital channels, it presents a series of questions to challenge your thinking and help identify the key parts of your strategy.

Physical events are returning, but over the last two years marketers have proven that live online events are now a core part of their armoury, so how do marketers maintain interest in this channel as we emerge from the pandemic and their audiences remain open to attending events online?

A renewed confidence in returning to ‘live’ is being coupled with a re-evaluation of event design, as planners focus on what value virtual brought to their audiences and how that can be preserved and integrated into year-round event programmes through technology.

About Marketri

Since 2004, Marketri has established a Fractional CMO services model that allows us to embed ourselves within our clients’ businesses, understanding them from the inside and out. By leveraging core marketing principles, time-tested best practices, web-based technologies, and highly skilled marketing professionals, we help our clients achieve goals that link directly to their success, including generating warm business leads, raising awareness and visibility, and penetrating their target markets.