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[VIDEO] B2B Marketing Q&A with Brian Hansford

In this B2B Marketing Q&A, Debra Andrews, President and Founder of Marketri, sits down to have a conversation with Director of Demand Generation at MediaPro and experienced marketing professional, Brian Hansford. They discuss best practices for marketing strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic and the future of marketing as the economy recovers.

Getting Acquainted / Introductions & COVID-19’s Impact on MediaPro (00:00 – 2:46)

  • How has this impacted your position and priorities? 
  • Has your marketing / demand-gen team needed to pivot?
  • Did you go through a formal process of some sort to do so?
  • I know in demand generation, measurement and optimization are key. How do you work around this period when all measurements will be “unusual?”
  • Can you give me a sense for some of the KPIs that have been adjusted?

Why do marketers feel vulnerable during this time? (2:47 – 12:42)

  • According to a professional social network called Fishbowl, 65% of “advertising professionals” fear layoffs compared to 54% across all industries. Why do you think the marketing professional feels so vulnerable?
  • Is it one-size-fits-all when it comes to lay-offs, or do you feel certain areas of marketing or marketers in particular situations are more vulnerable?

How are you and MediaPro preparing for the re-opening of the economy? (12:43 – 14:27)

  • How are you and your team preparing for the re-opening of the economy?
  • What are marketing “must haves?”
  • What are marketing “don’t dos?!”

Putting the pandemic aside, what excites you most about marketing in 2020? (14:28 – 17:54)

  • Putting the pandemic aside, what excites you most about marketing in 2020?
  • What are your tried-and-true marketing practices that you will double down on?
  • What are you looking to do that’s new?

About Brian Hansford

Brian Hansford is the Director of Demand Generation with MediaPro. Brian is a 20-year veteran in B2B marketing, with a passionate focus on B2B demand generation and marketing automation, content marketing, and social engagement. You can also engage with Brian on Twitter @RemarkMarketing.

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