The 5 Pillars That Transform Marketing into a Growth Driver

by Debra Andrews | June 27, 2023

Originally posted on Fast Company, Deb Andrews shares her latest article, ‘The 5 pillars that transform marketing into a growth driver’. Her article highlights the five key pillars that should be strengthened for a modern marketing function.

If you’re looking to grow your revenue, then focus on shoring up these five key pillars of a modern marketing function.

Lots of companies embark on a digital transformation, leveraging technology to drive business improvements. Far fewer focus on transforming their marketing function. Yet, those few that do are leapfrogging the competition by turning their marketing into a powerful revenue driver.

In middle-market companies, the marketing function often equates to a single marketing manager coordinating many freelancers and vendors, or it’s a bloated department that does a lot of disconnected, reactive tasks. But neither setup will drive predictable revenue. It’s little wonder many companies are dissatisfied with marketing’s ability to move the needle!