Seeking One High-Growth Company

by Debra Andrews | February 20, 2019

WANTED: a dynamic and aggressive growth-oriented enterprise to join our portfolio of successful clients.

Past and present marketing romances include middle-market companies who understand the potential of modern marketing, and who wish to leverage its ability to generate targeted, qualified leads.

Open to a company that’s invested in marketing in the past, but hasn’t found the right combination of strategy, talent, technologies, and processes to generate an increasing ROI year over year. Past marketing disappointments are OK, provided the high growth company feels optimistic about the promise of results-driven growth marketing. Optimism is the point here. Pessimism is a bitter, cheap-smelling cologne.


As is to be expected, the seeker seeks. Specifically, one new client every quarter. Selectively, due to the demand for our services.

Not in the business of delivering SERVICES, but rather RESULTS. Said results are paramount to our team’s ability to produce compelling client case studies. Said case studies put us above other marketing services companies. Said other companies might be just fine, but we want to be great.


The ideal candidate:

  • Values marketing and understands its relationship to, and difference from, sales.
  • Understands that a solid marketing strategy and plan comes first. Shuns scattershot marketing techniques.
  • Is willing to invest in marketing infrastructure to support generating leads at scale. Technologies may include, but are not limited to:
    • A responsive website with pages that load quickly, content that speaks to a targeted audience, and non-cheesy stock images.
    • Marketing automation software, such as Pardot, HubSpot, or Active Campaign.
    • ABM software such as Rollworks or Terminus.
    • Social enterprise software.
  • Realizes that it may need to invest in existing or new in-house talent. Knows it takes a village to raise a strong and effective marketing function.
  • Is willing to engage with our team and own portions of marketing plan implementation. Applies leadership support and thought leaders’ brains to support great content.


This open position could be a turning point for your company. A moment of truth. A meeting of souls on the growth marketing journey. Apprehensive applicants should know that generally, the revenue generated from working with us pays for our fees in full year one, doubles in year two, and grows exponentially from then on. (And as previously mentioned, careful selection of our portfolio companies has generated strong case studies.)

The application process for our open position is simple: Visit our contact page and submit the form, or call us directly, if you are so inclined. One of our strategic marketing consultants will be in touch soon to gauge our compatibility.

If we are not a great fit, we will sincerely wish you the best of luck in your search for growth marketing.

If we are, then welcome aboard.

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