Marketing Leaders Predictions for 2024

by Debra Andrews | January 10, 2024

The field of marketing is ever evolving. As a marketing agency, we have access to a wide range of marketing leaders – both internal and external. This affords us the unique opportunity to leverage insights from varied sources.

To start out 2024, we decided to tap into the collective wisdom of a diverse group marketing leaders. We asked them 4 key questions about the future of marketing and compiled the collective wisdom into a guide.

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to read the guide, this blog will highlight one key response to each question. Keep reading to learn more about where marketing is headed in 2024 including “the next big thing(s),” tactics to adopt and those to leave in the past, and tools to help you thrive.

What do you think will be the “next big thing” in marketing in 2024? What impact will it have on how we market our products and services? 

The next big thing in marketing has to be a return to making real connections. The companies that return to their purpose and inject real personality into their marketing are going to see real growth in the form of those coveted emotional connections.

Heather Hurd, Senior Director, Global Content Studio, FIS

What customer trends do you anticipate having the biggest impact on marketing in 2024? How will we need to adapt to meet evolving consumer expectations? 

Digital fatigue is still big! Digital marketing is way easier to track and prove ROI, so it’s become the default. However, people are tired of so many screens, and those companies and marketers who find creative ways to engage offline are going to leave a lasting impression. Think of things like creative gifts or fun events.

Lisa Cox, Director of Marketing, Teak & Twine

Do you think there are any marketing tactics we should leave in 2023? Is there anything you’ve seen that isn’t resonating the way it once did? 

In 2024, it’s essential to leave behind marketing tactics that rely solely on traditional mass advertising, interruptive ads, and indiscriminate influencer marketing. Focusing on sustainable and ethical practices, complying with privacy regulations, and prioritizing interactive and personalized content are the strategies that will resonate more effectively with consumers in the evolving marketing landscape, reflecting their desire for authenticity and meaningful connections with brands.

David Moreno, CMO, Virtualware

The business landscape is always changing, what advice do you have for marketing in 2024 and beyond? Are there any tried-and-true tips or tricks you have for CEOs and business leaders? 

Understand the basics and get them right before you try and build on top. Make sure your campaigns are clear in their objectives and the exact audience you are speaking to. If you go too wide you miss all the opportunities.

Gina Macauley, Marketing Director, Fnatic

Marketing is a dynamic field. Change is constant and consumer behaviors are ever shifting. Take it directly from Jennifer Marino, CMO at Marketri, “the ability to quickly adapt to market changes, economic fluctuations, and evolving buyer preferences will remain vital. Building a resilient and agile organization, capable of pivoting strategies as needed, will be key to sustained growth.” If you’re interested in learning the details from all of the experts, download the guide.

And if you need more help with your 2024 marketing, outsourcing or strategic marketing consulting may be the answer. Marketri can help you empower your marketing to achieve ambitious goals in a challenging digital landscape. Want to learn more? Contact us for a consultation.