[VIDEO] How a Fractional CMO Works: Expectations & Communication

by Debra Andrews | May 18, 2020

Because fractional CMOs are an outsourced resource, a lot of clients wonder about how they’ll work with us. What should they expect in terms of communications, and how often will we talk?

Communication Process with a Fractional CMO

At Marketri, we communicate with clients regularly. We typically conduct weekly check-in calls to confirm alignment, make sure things are moving, and open the floor to challenges or questions—from either side of the engagement.  

On a monthly basis, we do a recap and a look forward. Did we accomplish what we needed to? What’s coming up over the next month?

On a quarterly basis, we look at analytics. Did we accomplish what we said we would over the last quarter? In the case of over- or under-performance, we’ll also revisit the strategic marketing plan. We might put more effort and spend against the high-performing items and pull back or adjust the lower-performing tactics. The quarterly meeting offers a venue to discuss the bigger adjustments that will help us stay on target for the longer-term goal.

The Importance of Proactive Communication with your Fractional CMO

We work remotely and are usually not on site much with our clients, who trust that we’re thoughtfully marching toward their goals. A big part of that trust is due to how proactive we are in communicating our work with them.

A client should never have to ask what the next step is—or if we’re on track.

That said, at Marketri, we’re flexible. Our presence really depends on the preferences of the client. Some clients prefer more onsite presence, so we visit them on a quarterly basis. Other clients are comfortable with the remote structure, so we only travel to their offices once a year.

Either way, we do meet proactively and virtually quite regularly—weekly, monthly, quarterly—to make sure that the marketing program is going according to strategic plan.

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