A CEO’s Guide to Marketing Terminology

by Debra Andrews | September 10, 2020

With the end goal of driving business growth, turning your marketing department into a profit center might mean engaging with key players, strategists, and marketing consultants. As a business leader, you have a clear understanding of your revenue growth goals. However, when you’re not a marketer by trade it can be difficult to keep up with conversations sparked by marketing professionals.

Technical talk is frustrating, but it’s used for a reason. Specific language allows conversations around marketing to remain efficient and effective. Understanding marketing jargon can save you time and energy, and will allow you to discuss strategy and align your marketing goals with your overall business objectives.

We’ve put together this Guide to Marketing Terminology so you can have a thorough understanding of marketing-specific conversations. From foundational elements to the revenue funnel and more, you’ll be fully equipped to make sense of marketing terms that are key to driving growth for your business.

What Marketri covers in the Guide to Marketing Terminology:

  • Foundation Elements of Marketing: phrases you’ll need to know to establish your initial marketing goals and positioning.
  • Key Types of Marketing: terms that help you differentiate between tactical and conceptual marketing to understand how your company approaches goals
  • Leads to Buyers: how and when to address prospective customers depending on their level of awareness and interest about your product or service
  • Revenue Funnel: understanding the cycle your prospective customer moves through as part of the buying process
  • Tracking and Measuring: phrases that can help you determine campaign success and allow you to make decisions on next steps
  • Search Engine Jargon: helps you decipher how Google and other search engines treat content and websites

Embarking on strategic marketing goals? Start with our Guide to Marketing Terminology.