Why the Future of Marketing Is Fractional

by Debra Andrews | July 14, 2022

The field of marketing has changed dramatically in recent years, and this has broad implications for businesses everywhere. For example, research cited by HubSpot shows that:

  • 92% of video marketers feel the levels of noise and competition have increased in the last year.
  • Mobile web traffic consistently accounts for about half of all global web traffic.
  • 42% of marketers said they would increase their investment in AR or VR this year.
  • 54% of decision-makers spend more than one hour per week reading and reviewing thought-leadership content.

These and other industry statistics reveal just how vast and complex today’s digital marketplace has become – and illustrates why it can be so difficult for many middle-market B2B companies to unlock all the opportunities before them.

That’s why we believe the future of marketing – the way to truly capture market share in the middle market – is fractional.

Beyond Task Master

In days past, marketing was largely a tactical exercise led by in-house generalists who met with their CEOs and business line managers to learn what types of programs they wished to deploy. However, this top-down, often scattershot approach to marketing falls short of what brands need now to succeed.

To capture mindshare and market share in our modern economy requires a more holistic, data-driven approach to marketing strategy – and consistent brand messaging that is delivered across the digital landscape wherever your customers live, work, and play.`

Top brands recognize this and are rethinking their marketing investments accordingly, replacing costly in-house departments with a more modular, cost-efficient outsourcing model that allows them to scale and switch up their marketing assets in ways that better capitalize on emerging growth opportunities.

What Is Fractional Marketing?

Known as fractional marketing, this outsourcing model gives companies access to highly skilled teams of marketing professionals who are all experts in their respective creative and technical specialties and who work closely together very much like an in-house department.

A fractional marketing model offers businesses many benefits, including the ability to tap the exact top talent they need, when they need it, without all the overhead of an in-house staff. Fractional marketing also offers companies the flexibility to nimbly act on the customer and market data they are capturing via their digital marketing initiatives.

Fundamental to the fractional marketing model is the fractional CMO, an executive-level team leader who brings to the position the depth of marketing experience and creative, out-of-the-box thinking needed to drive innovative business strategies. In addition to executing campaigns at scale, fractional CMOs and the marketing teams they lead are ideally suited to serve as trusted advisors to clients.

This is because, unlike internal marketing departments that can become overly entrenched in a company’s own culture and politics, fractional marketing teams bring with them the outside perspective and broad market insights that come from working with a variety of businesses across industries and geographies.

Achieving Success

As with any outsourcing relationship, the success of your fractional marketing model depends on the partnering firm you select. So, do your research and make sure you are working with an organization that is focused on guiding strategy – and not just on delivering creative services. And your fractional marketing team should be immersed in your business from day one, asking big-picture questions about your mission, values, objectives, customers, operational capabilities, and marketplace challenges.

The fractional marketing team you select should also serve as an agent of change when needed, bringing you the data and insights you need to quickly switch directions when shifting market dynamics call for it. Most importantly, your fractional marketing team should be committed to your long-term success, proactively helping you deepen customer relationships and explore new avenues for growth – as if your business were their own.

The Marketri Advantage

At Marketri, we offer all the resources B2B companies need to develop informed go-to-market strategies and deploy the right marketing talent and resources in ways that scale to their exact needs. Our fractional CMOs bring a wealth of experience to your business strategies, and our profit-centered approach to marketing is always rooted in data-driven insights.

For more than a decade, our external network of dedicated creative and technical experts has inspired the trust of clients by working hand in hand with them to build revenues, create superior customer experiences, and position them well for the future of digital.

We can do the same for you.

See how Marketri can help your B2B business drive growth, increase profits, and heighten customer engagement at every touchpoint. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.