Competitive Advantages of Private Equity Marketing

by Trisha Gallagher | March 12, 2019

In private equity, excellence is an artform. Successful firms don’t build strong portfolios by accident. They make thoughtful decisions over years—curating portfolio companies one by one, weighing long-term success, and identifying competitive edges that might not have been realized.

Just as you’ve honed your skills in building portfolios, Marketri has honed a specialization in modern marketing for private equity. We’ve curated best practices to drive targeted brand awareness, weighed different tactics for market penetration, and identified methodologies for accelerated, scalable lead generation. Led by President and Founder, Debbie Andrews, Marketri’s experience in PE and investment banking brings a deep understanding of market dynamics and the need to move quickly to succeed.

Fractional CMO services are a unique and powerful option for fast-moving companies.

Marketri’s fractional CMO model centers on the belief that a team of marketing specialists will always outperform a single marketing strategist. We offer access to outsourced senior marketing leadership, who develop strategic marketing plans tied to your goals. Then they oversee a pod of marketing specialists who execute the plan and report on progress along the way.

Marketri’s fractional CMO services cover a range of circumstances for private equity.

More than just helping the firm’s marketing efforts, we also support:

  • Restructuring the marketing function within portfolio companies,
  • Building stronger brands at the portfolio level, and
  • Differentiating products while moving quickly to market.

Marketri offers private equity directors and managing partners peace of mind that the marketing function is being expertly planned, aggressively implemented, and precisely measured. Our savvy strategic marketers can accelerate the growth strategy of your portfolio companies to prepare them for a liquidity event, merger, or IPO.

Marketri drives portfolio company growth.

We work with private equity firms across their portfolios to generate more revenue from the marketing function.

1. We modernize stale, ineffective marketing functions.

Marketri can restructure and re-energize the marketing functions of your newly acquired or existing portfolio companies. Building strategic, modern marketing departments will ensure your companies are well positioned for a liquidity event in 5-7 years, and they’ll experience minimal disruption in the case of bolt-on acquisitions or mergers with other enterprises. Our results-driven senior marketers will create the strategy, develop the talent, infuse scalable technologies, and optimize repeatable processes to drive measurable growth.

2. We operate as a shared service.

You have many portfolio companies, but you don’t necessarily need a marketing department in each. With a keen understanding of your firm and its goals for each operating company, Marketri can create a go-to strategic marketing agency within your private equity firm. We can help instill modern marketing strategies, technologies, and best practices across your entire portfolio.

Additionally, offering marketing resources to potential portfolio companies can be a strong differentiator for your private equity firm that helps attract ideal targets.

3. We boost market penetration through results-driven marketing.

Competitive differentiation is crucial when entering new markets. Marketri builds your firm a foundation through unified messaging and positioning, visual branding, and a strategic web presence to establish effective and aggressive results-driven outreach to target markets.

Companies with cutting-edge products and services cannot afford to miss their window of opportunity to drive deep market penetration. Utilizing fractional CMO leadership allows your firm to streamline the marketing function and build scalable strategy that drives measurable, predictable growth at your portfolio companies.

Marketri owns the marketing function, so you can focus on your portfolio.

Fractional CMO services combine the power of executive marketing leadership with tactical execution. Our research-driven go-to-market plans position you strategically against the competition, and our agile model means our marketing resources adapt and drive efficiency as a shared service across your portfolio. Through continued optimization and a focus on long-term returns, strategic marketing is the best option for infusing your portfolio with greater efficiency and value.

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