8 Benefits of a Fractional CMO Pod

by Debra Andrews | January 30, 2019

Growing companies have to prioritize all aspects of their business. Talent often tops the list: Who is crucial to our daily functions, and who can we afford to hire next? Fractional CMOs, also called outsourced CMOs, offer much needed flexibility in the marketing function. They have the expertise and agility in modern marketing that give clients a competitive edge without great sacrifice.

But after evaluating the limits of a fractional CMO for growing companies, Marketri saw a need for greater efficiency in the role. Enter the concept of the fractional CMO pod. It ties together the experience of a CMO with the power of agile teams – combining agency production power with strategic leadership.

Here are eight benefits of partnering with a fractional CMO pod:

1. Adjustment Without Disruption

Popular with agile teams, the pod concept groups together team members based on the needs of a particular project or goal. You might need a strategist at the beginning of a project, bring in a writer and designer in the second phase, and so on. This flexible model benefits clients most: a pod will morph according to needs without disrupting the overall campaign. In the case of a fractional CMO pod, clients get the expertise of experienced consultants, who then assemble and coordinate a team of specialists to rock your long-term goals.

Growing companies understand the importance of this type of flexibility and ownership. While one person owns a project, many people are responsible for the process of execution and the results. Distributing this ownership and bringing in the most qualified people to solve problems means a better-quality product in the long run.

2. Combined Experience

One major benefit of hiring a fractional CMO is the level of experience and professionalism that comes with it. When a pod is working in tandem, growth marketing can kick into high gear due to the combined experience of strategic consultants, as well as the particular experience and contributions of marketing specialists on the project.

We know that experience is more than a number of years in the industry. It means greater leverage. Because we’ve solved problems like the ones you may have today, tomorrow, and 10 or 20 years down the line, the pod can get its hands dirty today while clearing a path for the success you’re planning for.

3. Long-Term Planning and Execution

Many smaller companies opt to hire an outsourced CMO for their ability to oversee day-to-day projects while building for the future. This comes without the cost and commitment of an in-house CMO or the gamble of going with other third-party resources. When paired with a pod of specialists, their plans can catapult into action. An experienced CMO consultant can assess a growing company’s challenges, strengths, and goals to develop long-term strategies, while simultaneously managing a full marketing function built from an outsourced network of specialists.

4. Comfort of Predictability

When hiring a fractional CMO pod, you’re getting more than just a few PowerPoints and their accompanying invoices. In Marketri’s case, the pod is a promise to execute the plans we present. It’s in your best interest (and ours) to hit the ground running without delay. We know that high-growth companies don’t want to wait around for unattainable perfection. The purpose of a fractional CMO pod is to come in with solid, achievable plans, set goals, and a process and promise to deliver. 

5. Team of Insights

The best results come when strategic and creative minds work together. Instead of plugging in a single consultant or specialist, the pod concept delivers a “team of insights,” where only the strongest ideas survive. It’s dangerous to depend solely on one outsider to tell you what to do with your company. Partnerships work much better—you want to team up with a strategic consultant who knows the industry standards, what work is required, and who’s the best fit to execute that work.

6. Continuity

To maximize the effectiveness of a fractional CMO pod, we’ll add or take away team members dependent on present needs while keeping a central account director to maintain continuity. This makes the project move smoothly, and it removes the associated administrative load from an in-house team. Our outsourced marketing network allows the fractional CMO function to execute strategy with less bumps in the road.

In other words, we hire specialists to support the project and plans, rather than bend goals to fit the existing staff.

7. Efficiency

A fractional CMO pod measures success by whether or not the client meets their goals. There is no wiggle room—the pod concept is put in place to achieve measurable results as efficiently as possible. That means a team focus on completing tasks and driving toward goals.

By focusing their effort and executing their strategic marketing plans, growing companies can claim market share in their industries – even when going toe-to-toe with huge competitors. The key to success is coordinated effort and applying the tools at their disposal for greatest impact.

8. Built for Growth

Built with growing companies in mind, a fractional CMO pod will prepare your marketing function for the future and help you scale your effort. Thanks to the endless combinations of talent possible in a fractional CMO pod, the approach suits projects big and small. We achieve our clients’ goals by ensuring every action the pod takes is part of a larger strategic framework, one that’s updated and improved upon as we work.

Combining the services of a fractional CMO and agile pods puts growing companies on a fast track, skipping the speed bumps of hiring third-party agencies or contractors. It cuts the unnecessary administrative responsibilities of an in-house marketing team, and it infuses an already successful company with skilled leadership that’s focused solely on achieving what you set out to achieve.

Even as the marketing world changes by the minute, fractional CMO pods always know what to do next and who should do it.

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