The Top 7 Questions CEOs Ask About Marketing

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In our conversations with CEOs of B2B businesses, we learn a lot about their growth goals and opportunities, what keeps them up at night, and what gets them excited about the future. We also learn what these founders and CEOs are curious to know when it comes to marketing. If you head up a B2B […]

Random Acts of Marketing: What They Are & Why They Don’t Work

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We’ve all heard of random acts of kindness—those small niceties you do on the spur of the moment to brighten someone’s day. Random acts of kindness are much needed in our hectic, stressful world. But random acts of marketing? Not so much. Random acts of marketing seem innocent enough, but they’re anything but. If your […]

Why Your Website is Your Best Sales Tool

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When you’re working towards a sales goal you may be tempted to use tactics that bring in “quick” wins like paid advertising, a targeted email campaign, or even reaching back out to deals that are in limbo. While all of these tactics have their place, they won’t get your business very far in the long-term […]

10 “Quick Win” Marketing Optimizations to Drive Traffic and Leads

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When you don’t have a ton of marketing resources just yet, you sometimes have to be scrappy. So how do you make the most of what you’ve got? By finding “quick wins”—low-hanging fruit that can produce results quickly and with little effort. Strategic marketing planning is essential to long-term success when it comes to building […]

Fractional Marketing: Everything You Should Know Before Making a Hire

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Growth-minded companies know that strategic marketing can power up their business by generating significant, predictable revenue. But engaging in effective strategic marketing isn’t so simple anymore, especially for middle-market B2B companies. You need to attract and nurture leads through a buying journey that’s almost entirely digital. You need the right combination of marketing strategies, execution, […]

Should Marketers Receive a Commission on Results? Find Out the Consensus!

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We posted a survey to find out what marketing and sales professionals think about the idea of paying marketers a commission on the sales that result from their work. Why? Because in growth-minded companies that engage in effective modern marketing, the marketing function directly contributes to revenue. So if the sales team receives commission on […]

When Is It Time to Update Your Strategic Marketing Plan?

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Growth-minded companies that are serious about generating revenue know they can’t get the job done without a well-developed strategic marketing plan. After all, you wouldn’t set off on an important trip without your trusty navigation app. So why would you embark on a marketing journey that’s designed to drive your business’s growth without a roadmap […]

Is 2022 the Year the Chief Growth Officer Role Goes Mainstream?

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When Coca-Cola replaced its retiring Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) with a Chief Growth Officer (CGO) in 2017, the move shone a spotlight on a role that was already percolating in other large corporations—yet was still relatively unknown across the broader business community. In 2022, that may change significantly. This may very well be the year […]

7 Reasons Marketing Should Never Report into Sales

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Marketing and sales may be very different animals, but when you get down to it, they share one critical goal in common: Helping the business generate revenue. Yet, how they support that goal is entirely different. When both functions are doing their respective jobs and firing on all cylinders, the results can be off the […]