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What does a Fractional CMO do?

In Part I of my Fractional CMO series, I covered the basics of the model, and how it suits organizations with aggressive growth objectives that don’t need a six-figure, full-time CMO. (Hopefully, I could make it clearer for you than my mom!)

In Part II, we’re going to examine more of what my work with clients looks like. Let’s take a look back at the last 60 days in my world as a Fractional CMO.

It goes pretty fast, so safety first and buckle up!

What does a Fractional CMO do? First, we generate leads.

You may have heard of Inbound Marketing—a method that uses content to attract, engage, convert, and delight visitors online, transforming them from virtual strangers to revenue-generating customers. One of our clients, a technology product company, is a big believer in Inbound Marketing and felt it had all of the necessary pieces to get online leads flowing into the top of the sales funnel. Unfortunately, it wasn’t working.

So I helped work through the issue:

  • The Problem: Their existing content was too complex and/or sales-oriented. This caused their lead faucet to flow at a slow drip, leaving my client extremely thirsty for good leads (and maybe even a bit dehydrated).
  • The Goal: Build a steady and rapid pace for new online leads that could be passed to the sales team.
  • The Action: Create a “Top-of-the-Funnel” automated marketing workflow in HubSpot with lead scoring capabilities. We structured the workflow to send a timely, relevant, and authentically helpful piece of content every seven business days to cold leads in the client’s database (as well as any new conversions through landing pages or forms on the website). Cold leads were then scored based on engagement with the emails, as well as their website activity.
  • The Result: After three weeks, the workflow has had the following effects:

what does a fractional cmo do - dashboard


A Fractional CMO also manages day-to-day fire drills.

When a client calls on Friday to say Governor Mike Pence (i.e., the Republican Vice Presidential nominee) will be at their facility on Tuesday, it’s all hands on deck! The client wanted maximum press coverage for their town hall meeting and rally, and they wanted to highlight an important message about the power of free enterprise in the construction trade.

  • The Problem: Very little lead time to gather facts and coordinate with both internal and external parties.
  • The Goal: Attract all local news stations, as well as some national outlets.
  • The Action: I enlisted the help of an outside public relations vendor to bolster resources. Together, we developed the media advisory and had it out to all local and select national news outlets within 24 hours.
  • The Result: We had over 45 media outlets attend the rally, including:
    • CNN
    • Bloomberg
    • CBS
    • NBC
    • ABC
    • The Philadelphia Inquirer
    • The Associated Press

what does a fractional cmo do mike pence visit


Marketing new software? Drive the creative process.

We have a client that’s widely known as a real estate services provider. After receiving encouraging feedback from a few customers and prospects, they wanted to mount an aggressive push of proprietary software they offer. The company predicted the software would help differentiate the company from competitors and boost sales.

  • The Problem: The software is complex, and most of the sales team isn’t familiar enough with it to introduce the software to customers. 
  • The Goal: Create a piece of marketing and sales collateral that would act as a conversation starter.
  • The Action: We created a two-minute-long, animated “explainer” video that told a story of a Facility Director that used the software. Within six weeks, we had found a video partner, storyboarded the video, reviewed the beta version, and launched the final video.
  • The Result: Now the sales team uses this video as the primary tool for getting companies interested in a software demo. We also sent out an email blast of the video, and we posted it to our website and on social media through Wistia.  Take a peek for yourself!

what does a fractional cmo do videos


What’s coming up on the road ahead? Check your GPS.

As a Fractional CMO, I work on a wide range of projects in dynamic settings. Those are only three of the roads I’ve traveled down in the past few months.

Most of my work involves managing the in-house marketing talent employed by my clients and liaising with their sales, IT, and operations teams. My clients find the Fractional CMO model is a cost-effective, results-driven approach, and my prediction is many more companies will be test driving it over the next few years.

What else does a Fractional CMO do?

I invite you to subscribe to our blog, where we’ll be posting much more content about the Fractional CMO model, as well as insightful looks into how you can accelerate your own marketing efforts. If you’re interested in engaging our services, don’t be afraid to contact us to learn more about Fractional CMO today!

More questions about what hiring a Fractional CMO looks like? Check out our new guide for executives:

fractional marketing questions guide

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