Marketri LLC welcomes two new team members

Marketri LLC, the strategic marketing firm for high-growth companies, announced this week the addition of two new team members who will help B2B companies, investment banks, and private equity firms achieve growth objectives. Carolyn Lange, Senior Content Marketing Manager, will lead content marketing initiatives for Marketri’s clients across multiple industries. Melissa Gonzalez, Marketing Account Manager, will help increase efficiencies both internally and within client marketing programs while supporting ongoing growth.

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Debra Andrews, President of Marketri, said, “Our clients are growing quickly and need to ensure their resources are utilized properly. Melissa will be responsible for increasing business efficiencies and supporting client success so that our clients get the best value for their marketing spend. Carolyn will collaborate with clients to develop high-performing content in line with their overall marketing goals. We’re thrilled to add these two new faces to our team.”

Carolyn Lange Senior content marketing manager marketri
Carolyn Lange, Senior Content Marketing Manager

Carolyn Lange is an experienced content marketing manager who has produced content and developed content strategies both in-house and in agency settings for B2B and B2C organizations. She’s created hundreds of pieces of content including web pages, blogs, product videos, webinars, podcasts, brochures, eBooks, whitepapers, and everything in between. Her areas of expertise include simplifying complex concepts for wide audiences, search engine optimization, marketing automation and email marketing, data analytics, and much more. 

“I’m looking forward to creating accessible yet innovative content that helps Marketri’s clients build a consistent lead generation engine,” said Carolyn. “I’m so impressed with the work our clients are doing and am excited to partner with them to find the most effective ways to tell their brand stories.”

Melissa Gonzalez Marketing Account Manager Marketri
Melissa Gonzalez, Marketing Account Manager

Melissa Gonzalez is a detail-oriented account manager who has worked with top-level clients in market research (including Ghirardelli, Whole Foods, and Meguiar’s) and in advertising (including HP and Acer). Prior to joining Marketri, Melissa spent several years managing large accounts in an agency setting with a high level of accuracy and detail and was responsible for increasing their budgets and revenues. At Marketri, Melissa will use her expertise in project management and strategy execution to provide outcomes that exceed client expectations.

“Marketri helps clients build better marketing functions, so I want to be diligent in ensuring that we utilize any available tools and technologies to increase efficiencies within business operations,” said Melissa. “I’m looking forward to providing clients with the support they need to reach new heights in their industries.” 

About Marketri

Founded in 2004, Marketri LLC is a modern-method B2B strategic marketing consulting and Fractional CMO provider to mid-sized, growth-oriented companies throughout the United States. Using best practices, advanced digital technologies and a network of highly skilled specialists, Marketri helps clients generate warm leads, engage new and existing customers, and accelerate revenue growth. With four offices nationwide, Marketri provides clients unsurpassed value for the marketing dollar. Contact us to learn more.

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